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Estate Planning & Wills


Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential in Florida. No matter how old you are, it is important that you clearly think through your plans and sign the various documents needed to explain your intent to disburse your assets at the time of your death. If you do not do this, then the laws of your state will do it for you and it may not happen the way you wish.


Durable Power of Attorney

This document allows a competent person in Hollywood, FL to name another trusted person to handle specifically delineated issues related to his or her financial matters and care management. It must be “Durable” and have specific language included in order to be considered a Guardianship substitute document. Effective October 1, 2011, Section II of Florida Statute 709 was created and is much more specific to the Durable Powers of Attorney as compared to the statute in existence prior to that date. “Durable” means that it survives ones mental incapacity. All Durable Powers of Attorney drafted correctly prior to that date are still effective; however, they are treated under the old law.


Healthcare Surrogate Designation

In Hollywood FL, a competent person may sign a document, called a Healthcare Surrogate Designation that names another person to make his or her healthcare decisions during any period of incapacity of the creator. Many hospitals and medical providers will refuse to communicate with friends or family members of a patient without the presentation of this document.


Living Wills

A Living Will directs the withholding or withdrawal of life prolonging procedures in the event one should have a terminal condition. This is a very difficult, yet important decision one is asked to consider. Many people find it a very philosophical decision to resolve or come to terms with. Without your expressed written statement in Hollywood, Florida, you may be unknowingly placing the burden of this decision upon your loved ones. After a better understanding of the import of not establishing a clear written plan, most people generally find that they want to take the responsibility of providing such a written document.


Last Wills & Testament

A lawyer can be essential in the estate planning process to ensure that your assets are ultimately divided the way you want them to be divided and so that you are in control of the ongoing and final distribution of your possessions. Allow us to assist you in the planning and drafting of your Last Will and Testament so that they meet your desired goals and comply with Florida statutory guidelines.