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Lease Agreements

Lease Agreement Attorney | Hollywood, Florida


The Law Offices of Michael L. Abrams, P.A., represents owners, as well as tenants, in all leasing matters, whether residential or commercial. Tenants and landlords have relied on our lawyers to draft, negotiate, and enforce Lease Agreements. There are numerous points, policies, rules, and addendums involved with every lease agreement. In Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Florida our team of attorneys will ensure you are fully informed on what you are signing and understand the ramifications should you or the other party break the lease agreement.

We will provide advice, offer answers to your questions, and quell any concerns you may have about Lease Agreements pertaining to real estate in Florida. We will help you sort through the details such as the length of the lease, the rental fees, pet policy, late payment fees, utilities policies, payment dates, deposits, and more. There is much to consider when signing or creating a Lease Agreement. Having a professional guide you, will help to make sure nothing is missed and no mistakes are made. This will make for a better tenant-lessor relationship.