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Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament Attorney Hollywood, FL



A lawyer can be essential in the estate planning process to ensure that your assets are ultimately divided the way you want them to be divided and so that you are in control of the ongoing and final distribution of your possessions. Allow us to assist you in the planning and drafting of your Last Will and Testament so that they meet your desired goals and comply with Florida statutory guidelines.

At the Law Offices of Michael L. Abrams, P.A., we will ensure the assets important to you will end up in the right hands after your passing. We offers creative solutions for transfers of wealth for an array of individuals, including parents, grandparents, married individuals and divorced individuals living in South Florida or Nationwide.  We take pride in helping local residents. If you are a parent, your will is the instrument that appoints a guardian for your minor child. When discussing your last will and testament, we will help you evaluate all factors and determine how to proceed.