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Landlord Tenant Disputes

Landlord Tenant Disputes | Hollywood, Florida


The Law Offices of Michael L. Abrams, P.A., represent tenants seeking reimbursement of their money not returned in a reasonable time, or kept for unjustifiable; as well as landlords needing defense of their actions. We make sure that our clients stay involved and continue to be informed during the entire deposit dispute process.

Unfortunately, Landlord Tenant Disputes are common in Florida, as well as all over the country. This can happen due to misunderstandings, an irresponsible landlord, or a bad tenant. When someone tries to bend the rules on either side, naturally issues will arise. Some common issues that arise are non-payment of rent, damage done to the property, lease violations, wrongful evictions, refusal to return the security deposit, refusal to fix or replace appliances, noise complaints, and many others.

Our Landlord Tenant Dispute attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of the local regulations and laws here in Hollywood, FL. In some instances, a carefully worded letter from your lawyer may move the issue along without further actions being needed. Other times the issues may need to be resolved in court. Either way, our team will assist you each step of the way for both landlords and tenants.