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Healthcare Surrogate Designation

Healthcare Surrogate Designation | Hollywood, Florida


In Hollywood FL, a competent person may sign a document, called a Healthcare Surrogate Designation that names another person to make his or her healthcare decisions during any period of incapacity of the creator. Many hospitals and medical providers will refuse to communicate with friends or family members of a patient without the presentation of this document.

This is why creating a Healthcare Surrogate Designation while you are of sound mind is highly important. Our Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Florida team will assist in creating a binding and legal document. We are well familiarized with all the ins and outs, such as who can be the witness, assigning an alternate surrogate, what would cause it to be revoked and any other questions or concerns you many have. You want the most qualified person you trust to make life and death decision on your behalf. Therefore, including this as part of your estate planning is imperative.