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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense Attorney | Hollywood, Florida


Due to tough economic times the real estate market, many homeowners in South Florida now face foreclosure. As a homeowner facing foreclosure, stress may continue to build everyday as banks apply pressure for you to make your mortgage payments. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael L. Abrams, P.A., are here to help relieve this stress and explain your options during the foreclosure process.

If you are behind on your payments and have already been served or anticipate being served in a foreclosure lawsuit by your bank, you must act now. Our Hollywood, Florida lawyers can help you by filing foreclosure defense pleadings with the court that will allow you additional time to explore your options.

During that time you may be able to:

• Negotiate an affordable payment plan
• Modify the mortgage to reduce interest and/or principal
• Get a higher paying job or a second job
• Refinance
• Sell the house for its current value with a lender’s consent (short sale)
• Negotiate to leave the home on your own terms
• File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, thereby forcing the lender to accept a payment plan
• Spread payments out over a greater length of time
• Obtain an abatement or a reduction
• Stop interest payments on credit card debt
• Obtain the dismissal of a lawsuit against you