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Eviction Attorney | Hollywood, Florida


Evictions can be complicated to handle on your own whether you are the landlord or the tenant. Our Hollywood Florida lawyers are fully knowledgeable in both sides of the evection process. If you have questions regarding your rights in an eviction, we can help. There are many common concerns such as the following:

  • What can lead to evictions?
  • What needs to be included in the Demand Notice?
  • Can an eviction be started if payment is withheld due to repairs not being completed?
  • Are landlords allowed to remove a tenant’s belongings and place them outside the rented property?
  • Is an eviction legal due to discrimination?
  • And a list of others

Should you find yourself on either end of the eviction process, you will need a proficient attorney to guide you through it. The laws and regulations are always changing in Florida. We stay up-to-date so that you don’t have to. If your case lands in court, we will professionally represent you so you get the best possible outcome. In addition, we are available to simply review the details of an eviction notice you have received in order to ensure you understand its contents.