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If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident in Hollywood, Florida, then you need an experienced team to ensure your legal rights are not being overlooked. Our office works solely on a contingency basis. What this means to you is, we will not charge one penny unless your case is won.

Since you do not have to worry about coming up with attorney’s fees up front, you can focus on healing. We are here for you and will make every concession possible, even by coming to meet in the instance you are unable to travel due to your injuries. Our professional auto accident attorneys in Hollywood, FL will work hard, so you recover the physical and emotional damages you deserve.

What you should and should not do if you are a victim of an auto accident in Hollywood Florida.

1 – Immediately dial 911. You should not try to leave the accident on your own, even if you do not initially feel in pain. Also, leaving before you have obtained a police report of what happened can prove to be a big mistake. From then on, it will be a case of “He said she said.”

2 – Stay calm. You should not engage in verbal assaults with the offending party, as this will not help the situation or your case. Just be honest and tell the responding officer what the events were that lead up to the auto accident.

3 – In Hollywood Florida, you will get a case number, so be sure you do not lose it. You should not fret if you are not given a full or short report, as this can be obtained later.

4 – Request an ambulance. You should not forgo having medical attention if you have been involved in a car wreck. This is because although you feel fine now, in hours all the way up to months later, the effect of your accident could appear without notice. In addition, some insurance policies state that the longer you hold off getting checked out, the less they are responsible paying for. It is always better to find out that you are perfectly fine, than having severe complications later that you will have to cover yourself.

5 – Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. You should not put off letting your insurance company know that you have been involved in an auto accident. Of course, you want to let them know everything that happened, as you did the police officer. However, you can and should have your Hollywood, FL auto accident lawyer present, especially if they need a recorded statement. You should not speak with the other people’s insurance provider without your attorney being present. There is no need to be unfriendly, but do not offer any information. Simply ask for the representative’s name and contact information. Then, let them know you and/or your attorney will call them back.

6 – You should let us guide you to the best physician possible. You should not just go see the doctors the other insurance company suggests without contacting your lawyer first.

7 – Contact us today. You should not put off calling the Hollywood, Florida expert auto accident attorneys. Remember, it will cost your nothing until we win your case. Also, getting a professional in your corner will make all the difference.